When I was in the first grade, Mrs. Mandlowitz, my teacher, had us draw and color pictures of what we wanted to do when we grew up.  Remember that activity?   Well, I remember clearly my drawing.  I drew myself in the middle of a stage, wearing a red striped dress, blonde scraggly hair (homemade haircut by Mom), glasses and a microphone in my hand singing my heart out.

         There was born Passion # 1.  Singing.  

Later, in high school, while babysitting my next door neighbor, 5 year old John and I sat on the couch with magnetic letters and I taught him to read....and was amazed by the process! 

          There was born Passion # 2.  Teaching.  


Now, more than anything, I love combining my two passions of Singing and Teaching through....

                                     SONGWRITING WORKSHOPS.

I offer SONGWRITING WORKSHOPS FOR WOMEN, dates to be determined by the attendees.  We meet two consecutive Saturdays and Sundays, from 10am to 3pm, and each come away with an original song.  Each workshop is intimate in size (5-7 students) allowing for co-writing and the sharing of ideas.   We record the songs so that each student has a copy of the group's creations.  NO MUSICAL EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!



My SONGWRITING WORKSHOP FOR KIDS (ages 8-12) is similar, however the classes are five 2-hour sessions, Monday through Friday.  The dates are yet to be determined, but, will happen during the summer.  I will also be hire a teenager assistant.  If you know of a creative teenager who has an interest in music and writing, please let me know! 



                    EITHER OR BOTH WORKSHOPS!!!