Mary Gordon started her songwriting career by writing children's music.  As a first grade teacher, she found a need to play meaningful songs with her children, yet songs that are fun to sing.  Her first album, "I Just Can't Eat My Peas!", was recorded in 1993 with the amazing Chapman Stick player and musician, Greg Howard.  The songs are a mixture of original and traditional songs.  This album is available at concerts and will soon be available on this website and

Mary Gordon performed frequently for families at First Night Virginia in Charlottesville.  Her shows are engaging as she meshes her own childhood experiences into song and storytelling.  Her audiences are invited to clap, stomp, and sing along.  You'll find parents enjoying the fun just as much as the kids!

Besides performing for families, Mary Gordon co-created and hosted WTJU's radio show for children, Kid 'n Kaboodle (now syndicated and called Tell Us a Tale, with Peter Jones).  She has lead children's songwriting workshops in after school enrichment programs and summer school sessions.  Mary Gordon has 34 years of teaching elementary school to influence and enhance her natural style of communicating with children.  Now, as a retired teacher, she greatly enjoys staying connected to children and families through her Kids Shows!  

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